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The 3 best pitches from the TechStars Windows Azure accelerator

The 3 best pitches from the TechStars Windows Azure accelerator Yay! We were picked amongst the top 3 pitches at Demo Day by Geekwire!

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Our first retailer pilot is now live at

To make it easy for Boxella users to track the items that they own, we have started integrating directly with retailers. When you purchase something from a partner retailer, you … Continue reading

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Its smart to build a home inventory

A few months ago, I posted an old video about the need to create an inventory of all your valuables. It was intriguing for us to find that not only all insurance … Continue reading

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New app update allows you to edit purchase details for existing items

Today we released our newest app update. You can download the latest version here. This includes one of the longstanding requests from our users – the ability to edit product … Continue reading

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Shop at BestBuy with confidence now – Boxella will ensure you get the best price!

Hallelujah! BestBuy has joined the ranks of Target in announcing that they will match online prices year round now!  What does it mean for you? No more showrooming – if … Continue reading

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Now you can use Boxella without Facebook login, or any login at all

We are continuing to iterate as fast as we can on the fantastic feedback from our users. Today we are releasing a new version which addresses a key concern of first time users of the app – namely the requirement to login using Facebook to use the …

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WSJ video about the need to inventory your possessions

I came across this one year old video on WSJ about the need to inventory all the possessions in your house. It got me thinking and I will soon post a more detailed blog on the topic as well, but for now check it out yourself:…

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Boxella & HomeAdvisor tie up to bring you local technician information

Ever since we launched our V1 Boxella app in the app store, we have been working feverishly on the feedback from our early users. Thank you Dear Users! We love you! One of the things people have loved about Boxella is the convenience of having sup…

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In the news: Amazon and Microsoft vets unpack Boxella to track product manuals

We got some nice coverage in Geekwire on Friday. Thoughts about us and why we started this company –

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Getting Started with Boxella app

Here is a quick video guide for first time users

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